About us
Do you do all your R&D in-hous?
Yes. Our R&D team has developed our own custom-manufactured premium 3D Printing Filament together with our manufacturing partner to guarantee premium quality throughout the whole process, from the selection of raw material, to extrusion lines customization and finally packaging and shipping. With over 65 years of experience and expertise in  the high-performance polymer industry and  monofilament extrusion, our extrusion lines have been newly tailor-made to meet our highest quality standards and offer you premium filament with minimal moisture content and outstanding properties. 

We developed a high-end 3D Printer offering affordable excellent solutions for professionals and prosumers. We achieved to solve most of the common 3D printing problems with elegance and professional design. Our visionary mission and passion greatly benefit from the know-how of our manufacturing partner, which has a  trajectory of more than 30 years in electronics manufacturing.

Our 3D Printing Filament together with our 3D Printer shall offer a unique ecosystem meeting the highest standards of the industry for intensive high performance industrial use. Our production 

Where is your manufacturing plant located?
Our entire line of filament is produced in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where our R&D team is located, so to ensure a close collaboration with our manufacturing partner. We do not outsource any product to guarantee the strict compliance of the highest manufacturing and quality standards. 

Are you a US company? 
Yes. Smart International is a US company based in Delaware with inventory in the US.

Where can I find the complete list of KODAK 3D Printing Filaments? 
Please visit KODAK 3D Printing Products Overview page listing all our materials and colors available.  


How do I return or exchange my order? 
You may return our products as long as you did not open the packaging. Shipping cost are at your charge or you can contact directly your reseller. Please, visit our return policy page for more information.

Can I pickup my order? 
No. We either sell through our resellers or retailers or through our website. If you feel more comfortable, you can purchase your KODAK 3D printing product from our reseller  closest to you.

Filament Info

Which diameter filament does KODAK 3D supply?

We supply filament in 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameter.   

Is your 2.85mm diameter compatible with printers that are best suited for 3.00mm filament? 
We offer 2.85mm filaments specifically with an extremely small tolerance, which is 99% < 0.02%. Thus it is not suitable for 3D printers operating with filaments with a different diameter.

Where can I find the printing settings and polymer characteristics (temperature, density, printing tips )?

This information is available directly on the spool and on the filament packaging. We have also prepared a page with KODAK 3D Filament Printing Guidelines , listing temperatures and notes for all our materials.

Where can I find technical data for each polymer (physical and mechanical characteristics)?

We have tested all our products to provide the most accurate data. By scanning the QR code available on the spool and on the filament packaging, you will be automatically redirected to the relevant technical information for each material.  

Will KODAK 3D Printing Filament work in my printer? 

The strict control system over filament diameter accuracy ( which is 99% < 0.02%) and ovality makes our 1.75mm and 2.85mm filament compatible with almost all desktop 3D printers  accepting third party filament (open source), including Ultimaker, Zortrax, Makerbot, Airwolf, Up! Afinia, Makergear, Solidoodle, Lutzbot, Flashforge and many more. Despite KODAK 3D Printing Filament has been tested in several 3D printers, it is your responsibility to check it is compatible with your 3D printer.  

How do I return a defective product?

We are sorry you received a defective product! Please read carefully our Warranty.
In order to claim the warranty you shall provide a dated original proof of purchase, a letter explaining the problem, and satisfactory evidence KODAK 3D filament was defective. We shall not responsible for products improperly packaged or if the original invoice is missing, modified, or made unreadable. Any claims of defects not made within the warranty period shall be expressly waived.